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Programs for
Business Builders
Make good on your intent for impact in mindful group environments that tee you up for healthy growth.
To get you going—
Our Starter Sessions run for 1–2 days and focus on action-oriented, introductory impact concepts. You’ll go through the experience with a small group and will need to clear your calendar to fully participate.
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Starter Session
Intent to impact
Shift from frameworks to the right frame of mind: Learn how to make an impact with your business without making more work for yourself.
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To move you through—
Our Inflection Sessions are designed to help you navigate some of the most critical moments in your business-building journey in keeping with what it means to be a human brand.
Each session runs for 4-8 weeks and you’ll need to spend 10–15 hours a week to get the most out of the experience. A community of other builders will join you along the way.
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Inflection Session
Becoming a builder
Look inward to lay purposeful building blocks while you’re still a business of one or a few.
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Inflection Session
Growing your team
Ensure fairness and inclusivity as your business becomes more than just you.
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Inflection Session
Steering towards scale
Bake pro-people systems into the way your business operates as it gets bigger.
inflection sessions run on a rolling basis
If you’re ready to join in, apply now to tell us about the point you’re at in your buinsess and the impact you’d like to have.
A trio of diverse business leaders appears, each facing the viewer
A trio of diverse business leaders appears, each facing the viewer
Learnings from other builders
Hear from business builders and leaders with a range of backgrounds often underrepresented in the world of work.
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About Most Human
Most Human started with the recognition that growing and established businesses often need help to act on good intentions in meaningful ways.
Our goal is to help brands and the people behind them embrace not just what makes them human, but what makes them most human.
In that spirit, we’re committed to ensuring everything we do gives ample opportunities to communities of color, includes equal representation for women, and amplifies voices from the LGTBQ+ community.