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Programs for
Human Leaders
We run programs for leaders and teams to help them turn your business’ intent for impact into action.
Impactful businesses start with invested leaders. Our programs help rising leaders, leaders taking on new challenges, and high-profile teams bake impact goals into day-to-day decision-making, helping your business grow in the right direction.
We run—
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Workshops for
Getting in the right frame of mind
2-day workshops with groups of leaders to introduce human brand basics and how to embed them into the day-to-day
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guided programs for
Working through business challenges
4-8 week guided programs using the Most Human framework to address a challenge or opportunity the business faces
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support sessions for
Building community
Ongoing support for individuals or groups through a facilitated experience that weaves in insights and fresh thinking
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A trio of diverse business leaders appears, each facing the viewer
Learnings from other leaders
Hear from business builders and leaders with a range of backgrounds often underrepresented in the world of work.
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About Most Human
Most Human started with the recognition that growing and established businesses often need help to act on good intentions in meaningful ways.
Our goal is to help brands and the people behind them embrace not just what makes them human, but what makes them most human.
In that spirit, we’re committed to ensuring everything we do gives ample opportunities to communities of color, includes equal representation for women, and amplifies voices from the LGTBQ+ community.